Microgaming’s American Roulette Gold Reviewed

Microgaming is renowned for creating quality online casino games that are realistic, authentic and interactive. American Roulette Gold is yet another fine example of their prowess and for those looking for a superior entertainment experience, this game is ideal.

Unlike the European game of roulette, the America game features a wheel that has an extra numbered slot. This extra slot is emblazoned with two zeroes, which often sees the game nicknamed ‘double zero roulette’. This double zero addition to the wheel makes for a far faster game, but it also increases the house edge and makes winning more of a challenge.

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Added Expert Game Features

In a manner that’s typical of the Microgaming Gold Series of games, America Roulette Gold boasts a superb, polished appearance that’s slick and sophisticated. A great array of extra functions adds to the games appeal and this form of roulette is perfect for the serious player. You can make use of the expert functions to customise your games appearance and to boost your excitement when placing bets.

The expert features allow you to place some very exciting bets and Black Splits, Red Splits and Zero game options are available. Additionally, there are also 2 bets not commonly found in classic games of roulette and these increase a player’s winning potential in an enthralling new way. A rebet option is also on offer, giving you the chance to replay your last wager without having to go through the process of repetitively clicking chips.

Customisable Game Play

American Roulette Gold doesn’t only offer expanded betting options, it also boasts customisable game speed, sound and graphics. This means you can tailor-make your roulette experience to suit you and engage in an enthralling game that’s truly unique. The incredibly clear graphics make placing bets incredibly simple and when the wheel stops you’ll be in no doubt as to whether you are a winner. For new players this is also incredibly helpful as the game play is crystal clear and easy to follow. The game is vibrant, colourful and packed full of adrenalin inducing moments, accurately mimicking the experience you’d enjoy in a traditional brick and mortar casino.

Betting Rules and Strategies

American Roulette Gold offers variable betting limits and options so it is important that you familiarise yourself with every bets requirements. Maximum betting limits will fluctuate depending on the type of bet you wish to place and players can make use of tried and tested strategies such as the Martingale System in an effort to increase their winning results. For those starting out it’s suggested that placing Outside bets is best as they have lower odds than the Inside bets. For those who have plenty of experience and are looking to win big, the Inside bets, which pose more of a challenge but can be very lucrative, are highly recommended.

Roulette for Serious Players

America Gold Roulette is considered by many a game that’s best suited to seasoned players who understand all the nuances of this wheel spinning entertainment. Microgaming has certainly done the game justice and this form of roulette is available at all the finest online casinos in the UK. If sophisticated, slick and seamless roulette is what you are looking or, then America Roulette Gold is definitely your number one choice.