Classic Blackjack by Microgaming Reviewed

Classic Blackjack is a game well-loved by players across the globe and Microgaming’s version is definitely one of the best available online. Renowned for creating games that are realistic and authentic, Microgaming leads the pack when it comes to online innovation and UK players can expect a superior gaming experience with every hand dealt.

Classic Blackjack boast amazing graphics and game play, and players can indulge in a sensational card comparing game that will provide them with all the thrills and spills of the land based version, only in the comfort of their own homes. A mobile optimised version of Classic Blackjack is also on offer, giving you the chance to have fun with this strategic game anywhere, anytime.

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One Hand at a Time

Classic Blackjack is played according to European rules and there are high table limits available for those who want to win big. Free and real money games can be enjoyed and the demo mode options allows for players to practice before they commit to real money wagers. Table limits range from 1 to 500, so there’s a betting option for players of any sized bankroll.

For some players the fact that the game is played one hand at a time may feel restrictive, but it adds to the overall realism of the game and mimics the experience you’d have when in a land based venue. Five decks of 52 cards are used in the Classic version and these decks are shuffled at the start of every hand to ensure the ultimate in random results.

Rules and Game Play

European blackjack differs greatly to the American version of the game in several ways. Microgaming has embraced these differences and carried them over into their Classic game, ensuring it stays true to life. The Classic game does not allow for peeking, meaning that the dealer doesn’t check for blackjack if a promising card is shown and Doubling Down is only allowed under certain circumstances.

Unlike in typical blackjack games Aces can be split and as may cards as needed will be dealt in order to complete a hand. Only like-card pairs are able to be split and this can happen only once, and the dealer stands on every 17. These rules can take a little bit of getting used to but they make the game even more exciting and require complete concentration.

Strategies and Tips

A strategy chart is available for any player who takes blackjack seriously. This chart will tell you when to Double, Hold and so on and will provide players with an increased chance of attaining a successful result.  The insurance option is also a great feature of this game and protects players when the dealer has 21, paying out at 2:1. By using strategy you can increase your chances of winning and blackjack is one of the few casino games in which this can be done.

5 Star Classic Blackjack

Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack is an excellent choice for discerning players and it provides a quality gaming experience with every hand. Seamless, sophisticated and true-to-life, this great game is ideal for new and experienced players who want to make the most of a card comparing form of wagering entertainment that’s stood the test of time and been adapted effortlessly for play online.